Biofarm Košík, District Nymburk

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"Ovečka, ovečka, trojaký úžitok, hej, žinčička, bryndzička, v zime kabanička..."


Biofarm Košík, an Isle of Slovakia in Central Bohemia, received permission in 2009 to mark its products with the logo "PRODUCT OF ORGANIC AGRICULTURE" . It is the reward for long and hard work, making good choices for the best animals and vegetables and the dedication of all our people that work at the farm.

Among our most popular products, we include all products made from our sheep's milk. The traditionally made cheese - white cheese lump, hard cheese, smoked cheese “oštiepok” and soft cheese “bryndza”, which are very typical. For experts we offer also fresh and fermented sheep milk. Very popular are also our organic lamb sausages and eggs. Other products include wool pillows and blankets, which are suitable for people with allergies, or natural wool for knitting.

According to the season, you can buy fruit, vegetables, herbs and potatoes. We also make tasty home-made-jams, pickles and relishes of the “chutney” type. In late summer our full and traditionally grown red potatoes – Cecile – are ready for harvesting. They are extremely tasty in salad and as the perfect side dish. They are well-known at some international top restaurants in the Czech Rep and abroad.