Biofarm Košík, District Nymburk

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The lovely landscape around Košík (which means basket) (District Nymburk) creates ideal conditions for a green and organic economy. At the edge of a large forest, meadows, pastures, fields, apple, cherry and pear orchards are spreading. Just 70 km from the bustling Prague you will find this a little heaven.

The fields with an area of 150 ha are grown with potatoes (Cecile), cereals, fruit orchards, herbs and vegetables. Fruits of our farm are also processed to fresh juice, marmalade and dried. For our breeding of sheep we choose “Romanov” . It’s origin lies in the city with the same name in Russia. We milk 2x a day (in the morning 7:00 to 9:00 am; in the afternoon 4:00 to 6:00 pm). Immediately after milking our shepherds, according to the old traditions, prepare tasty milk and cheese; which is naturally made, smoked or embalmed in spices.

The Romanov sheep is not a typical dairy or meat breed, but the meat has a delicate flavor, because the fields are grown wild and are full with divers types of grass and natural herbs. Proof of this is that it is prepared in the highest level of restaurants in Prague and abroad. Wool and sheep fur is light and soft, very strong and resourceful. Sheep are shaved twice a year. More in: Products.